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Commission post.

Hi everyone. This is my commission post for May. I realize may is almost over, but I'm almost done with the plushie that was commissioned from me, so I figured I'd post a commission post now.

First things first, sales permission was granted by dakajojo 
I ship from the USA, but I have no problem shipping worldwide. I like to use bubble mailers.
I take no responsibility for what happens to things after they leave my hands. I can't control the post office and what they do with packages. I will gladly show you a receipt of having shipped your item(s). Please let me know if you would like insurance or delivery confirmation.
I have a right to refuse a sale to you if I see fit.

color codes:
not paid
strikeout means completed

Small charms by themselves will be $3 each. Keychain size (the size of the 3 starters in the picture) will be $6 each. Bracelets with two small charms, beaded or charm bracelet style, are $10 shipped in the USA. Please inquire about hard Pokemon, prices change based on ease of character. I can do humans and Poke balls as well, please inquire about pricing! I will open 10 slots and then take a waiting list.

If you paid already, your slot is held and won't be changed. If you haven't paid, your slot will be bumped if someone below you pays before you do.

YES! I do accept trades. Please show me what you have to offer. Please keep in mind I have a right to refuse a trade.

Charm bracelet sale: Buy 5 charms, get a charm style bracelet free. Charm style bracelets are the type shown in the picture.

I don't have any more Pokemon examples, however I can show a picture of some other ones I've done. You can request it in non-charm style as well, without a hole, for the same prices mentioned above. 

These are all hand drawn and colored. They are not computer generated, therefore each charm will be different, even if they're the same exact Pokemon and pose.

1. Dratini and Dragonite - thrivis 
2. Juniper and Fennel - mizuhokusanagi   
3. Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy, Flaaffy, Chandelure - nasija 
4. Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhydon, Kangaskhan, Trapinch, 2x Flygon, Honchkrow, Spearow, Fearow, Bellossom - lil_rebbitzen 
5. Shinx keychain, Victini keychain, zorua and pachirisu charms - elisha1288 
6. Swablu, Shiny Altaria, Lucario, Mew, Lugia, Dewott, Quagsire, Heracross, Abra, Flygon, Swoobat, Victini, Reshiram, (N or Torkoal) - agkelikos


Inked scratchboards!

These are a bit harder to do than the charms and require a lot more time put into them. I will only open two slots for these, and then take a waiting list. These may take up to a month depending on complexity. I have a bad wrist, so I can only do about 30 minutes of scratchboards at a time before I have to take a 2 - 3 hour break. Prices vary, please inquire. :)




Sorry, I'm not taking plushie commissions until Professor Juniper is 100% complete, which will be soon!
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