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YES Happy easter all!
I'm very pleased to announce, I finally got a pokemon easter basket!! I got Piplup and Pikachu, and they are retarted looking, but SO SOFT AND CUTE!!! >w<

We moved our collction across the room XD. Until we get a real shelf, this is where it will be.

Aside from all of this, I got new cards to sell! A lot of them are from my personal collection, but I must make room! I'm saving up for a EX Powerkeepers box. DO WANT! I really want Absol and Raichu, so.. I propose this to you: My card sale.

Going to link you to my sales in my journal :3 Card sale Figures and misc sale

I need moar plushies! X3 Plushies are wonderful!
the easter piplups head is mishapen!

The basket, in all of it's gloriousness.

Our Plushies! The tardlup, tardchu, Gengar pokedoll, poliwhirl and wobbuffet pokedoll are new :D

Second shelf, figures! Bigger figures that can stand on their own XD

third shelf is pokeballs, pins, and tin full of smallerfigures/figures that cant stand on their own

and a close up of those pins!

PS I found my Pokemon shirt.~ It's in the dryer right now XD
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