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First auction here :3 ffff :D ENDED

Hey there! I was just granted sales permission by Dakajojo, so here comes an auction!

Well, a few stuff to know ^^

granted sales permission on 05/22/11 by dakajojo.


*I ship from sweden, for these small guys, shipping wont be much tho :)
*I accept paypal only
*ehrm, what more shud i say?
*Oh well, feel free to ask any questions bout the items! ^^
*I pack every sculpture in padded bags
*Sometimes im a slow shipper, lol.

Ok, so these will end in about a week, heres the countdown :)

No sniping please, no bids within 5 min of auction end( >:| ). If so, the auction will extend 10 min.

Well, up for auction are some sculptures ive made, all are made from sculpey/fimo clay, and glazed with nailpolish(lol), exept scolipede who isnt.
Well, lets begin shall we? :)
Heres our big boy,Pokedoll styled scolipede sculpture, hes approx 8 cm long and round 3.5 cm tall(from head to ground) All i can say about him is WOW :D Very detailed. He has a chubby neck, and a skinny body lol :D The only -  are his antennas/horns see yourself whatcha think :O :)

He took 2 hours to make, and he will start @ $30.

Next up is pokedoll styled joltik charm OwO . he's approx 3.5 cm long
   He took about half an hour to make i think? He is really cute and will start @ $15
He is a bit damaged on the right side of head, but u only notice it if u look pretty close :)
Still very very cute.

Lookatit face! xD Also, his colours is brighter than in the pic.

One of his legs dont touch tha ground :P


So, heres a lil dino, Pokedoll styled Deino! The cutest charm ive ever made according to me :)
Took about 30 min. He is about 3.5 cm tall and 3.5 cm long.
 He will come w a strap, but i havnt just put it on yet :) He will start at $20
Brighter irl... Also, ucant se his smug smile, but its there alright B)

Next up is Lillipup!! He lays on his back(he is pokedoll styled) I did so he lays on his back cause i cudnt make him stand w'out fallin xD Still cute! U decide if u want a strap or not. He is 6 cm from tail to ear. and 2 cm tall. Unglazed. A bit brighter irl. I beleive  hes a bit fragile, so i think its best he lays down with the rest of your collection :)  Starts @ $15

And here we have lil snotty cubchoo charm(based on pokedoll, VERY alike! ) 8D
Hes about 4 cm tall and glazed :)
He will start @ $20
Brighter irl, sigh.. xD

And here is lil cute buggy, pokedoll larvesta charm :)
She is veryyyyy cute(...~<3) She has a bit dirt shades of red in her white fur, but thats not too much. As its really hard to keep white clay clean O-O She is about 3.5 cm long
Starts @ $20 U cant really see her eyes, but they are there, big and cute! ^^

Ohwell, they can be seen here :)

Heres a woobat sculpture, took a VERY, mean VERY long time to make! I made a ball of blue, and attached the lil spikes/balls one by one (phew) O.O  He is a bit bigger compared to the others and he is not pokedoll styled.
Hes is about 4cm tall, not including wings. and about 4 cm long, also excluding wings.
A lot of love and effort has gone into this lil guy, who needs a good home :3 <3  He'll start at $30

Brighter irl :)

Well, thats all! Im so excited, FFFFF! Goodluck in bidding! <3 ^^

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