~Crimson Angel~ (crimson_angel02) wrote in pkmncollectors,
~Crimson Angel~

Collection post! ^^

I was actually going to make this collection post yesterday but I remember that I would be getting at least one pokemon thing today since it’s my birthday so I waited. :3 (Easter + birthday = odd combination but I'll go with it. XD) And I’m quite happy I did. :)

I received Glameow and Espeon from a good friend of mine today. Espeon I knew about but Glameow was a shock. (My last pokedolls from pokemoncenter.com *sniff*) Having Espeon means I have completed the pokedoll eeveelution set. :D Also I'm so happy I got Glameow! She is just so soft!

Also I received the Buizel Charm, Marill pan sticker and Mamoswine chou getto figure (not pictured) from happyjolteon last week. I swear I thought that the Pan stickers were these dinky little things, but I am impressed at how big they are! The Marill sticker and Buizel strap have decorated my DS nice until the Shaymin DS cover is released.

Buizel pokedoll even approves the new look!

My Marill collection has grown quite large recently!

The overall collection.

Close ups. (Since I don’t want to drag down your computer with so many photos. XD)

Also I think that I am becoming a quite pokedoll collector. X3 I absolutely love these little things! I have dolls of pokemon I don’t even really like much just because the doll is too cute to pass up. XD

Yes, please forgive the un-organization of the dollies. I’ve been busy packing for my move and sadly their shelf was one of the things I packed away. I cringe when I think of them lying around like that but they are not like that anymore now since they are currently in a box awaiting shipment to my new apartment. (Is it silly of me to be worried about shipping them down? ^^; I swear you should have seen me trying to pack them so I would make sure they would all make it together and in one piece. XD)

It’s hard to believe that it was just last June that I started re collecting Marill and I’m just amazed at how much I have actually accumulated in just under a year! Much of it is thanks to you guys and this community! :3
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