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I don't know if it is anyone on here that has bid on this lot, but I kinda want the espeon/charizard set, and there may possibly be a charmander & umbreon set too.
I can't buy it at that price, the shipping is astronomical, but I was just gonna ask, um ok, beg, if anyone here has bid on it, I will pay a pretty penny for the espeon and umbreon figures.
*sad face*

I got my package from Sunyshore. I squealed, opened, and my DS is proudly wearing a leafia glacia & ebuii case. n_n so happy, I've been carrying it around on my trips out this weekend XD

In other news, 14 packages went out. Anyone who hasn't paid/contacted me, you simply won't get your zukan. This will be the third reminder, I won't be reminding anyone again.
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