spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Pre Expo Sales & DERPHEDERP! GET!

Hey everybody people on Pokemoncollectors are calling me a homo....

LOL couldn't resist quoting angry homo kid <3

Right so everyone knows it's the MCM expo in london this weekend and i just want to raise a small bit of extra cash to take with me, everything bought will be shipped tomorrow, as well as some others that were from my previous sales that hid themselves from my last shipment lot...

So without further Adieux check under the cut for my small plush sales ^__^

Sales Permission granted on 03/10/2011 by denkimouse

- I Will Not Sell to anybody banned on pkmncollectors
- I will hold items for 24 hours unless agreed upon.
- All requests for items listed need to be posted on the sales post not sent via PM
- I have the right to refuse sale to anybody who i feel uncomfortable dealing with
- For items listed as "Bid/Offer" please respond on the already made comment about the item, and respond to each offer by replying to said offer. Failure to do this will result in bids/offers being discarded.
- Unless specified i reserve the right to end the bidding process and award the item to the highest bidder if new offers stop being made or when i deem it a good time to.
-There's a minimum of $1 purchase required

- I only accept Paypal in USD
- Items will only be shipped once payment clears into my paypal
- Prices listed do not include shipping prices, you'll need to request the total with orders.
- Unless it's requested insurance on items isn't included, normal shipping is provided by default
- You must include you're LJ name and items purchased in the message section in Paypal payments.

- I ship from the UK & will send items internationally
- I try to go to the Post Office after work, depending on the shifts i work.

-I'm open to trading for items on my Wants list as long as i either know of you and trust you, or if you can provide the proof of 10 Feedbacks. Items traded need to be sent & despatched to me first, as soon as this is confirmed i'll send my item.

Entei Banpresto - Mint with all tags! $20 OBO

Raikou Banpresto - Mint with all Tags! $20 OBO

Lucario Banpresto - Mint with all Tags! $20 OBO

Pichu Banpresto - Mint with Tush Tag only - $10 OBO

Southern Islands card binder - Please make offers i have no idea what to ask

Black & White card bundle includes:
10 Holos/Reverse Holos/Non Holo Rares
14 Reverse Holo (commons & Uncommons)
96 Commons/Uncommons

please feel free to make offers, i'll probably throw in some other cards from other sets if someone offers a decent price,

*Edit* I've just been told Embour sells for $8-10 on it's own! Who'd have known!

Also i took a trip to my local Post office Depot to pick up a missed parcel and it turned out to be the most Derptastic thing that's now in my collection... seriously i don't want to ruin the surprise... so check under the cut


DERERRRPP!! i finally got a Hitmonchan Play by Play! Man they made him so ugly, god knows why his face is eating itself, and his skirt is way short... good thing he's like a Ken doll! He's so funny

Fullbody in ALL HIS DERRRP GLORY!! His hands are so stupid XD

Im so excited for the Comm meets at Expo.. but i'm finding it hard to decide what plush to bring any ideas anyone?
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