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Offers, Sales and GB Update

To those who did the GB with me for the Clipping Figures, just an update that they have been bought and are on their way here to me.
I hope to have them soon and once they arrive I'll give you the quote for them shipped.

Also  As I get quotes from the address your first paypal payment had on it, so if it is a different address you want it shipped to let me know.
Oh and also, let me know if you would like me to ship them in their box our out of the box and the box flattened as the shipping will be cheaper that way :]

If I do not hear from you about this I'll contact via comment or PM if need be :]

Oh and there is one Ho-oh clipping figure still unclaimed.
He would just be $4.50.
If you are interested please comment :]

And now I have some Items up for offers as well updated sales.

If any of these items are something I bought from someone on the community I apologize.
There are reasons why I must let these things go. Trust me when I say I hate doing this :(

Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse on Jan 2, 2011


- I only accept Paypal.

- Shipping is NOT included in prices/offers

-I have no car nor do I have a PO Scale to weight things anymore. So I will have to make a trip to get you a shipping quote. If you do not want to wait that little bit for me to do that, as I am not sure when my rides can give me a ride or when they may have unexpected circumstances, then please don't bid/buy. Thanks. And I should always be able to make trips to the PO on fridays.

-I will hold an item for 24-48 hours unless we have made a different arrangement

-I am willing to do trades. My Wishlist is here :  It doesn't show everything I am looking for as I can't find pictures of them and whatnot

-I have 2 cats and I also burn incense, candles and use febreeze. So beware if you have any allergies.

-Please Send paypal payments to:

-Feedback is here:

- I am willing to HAGGLE on straight sale items

Offer Rules:

-NO SNIPING OR DELETING OF YOUR BIDS! You WILL be left neg feedback if you do so.
-Please make bid increments of $1 or more
-Replay to highest offer
-All Community rules apply

Bidding ends on May 26th @ Noon.     Timer Here
I will then need the winners to let me know their zip so I may make a run to the post office before they close.
I will then give you the quote Thursday night and if you pay before Friday @ noon I can get them shipped out then :]
otherwise you may have to wait a few days when the post office will open again the following week.

Offers Start @ $20

Offers Start @ $24

Jolteon Jakks starts @ $12

Jolteon Kid Starts @ $8

Mew Power Bounce Ball (Used - discoloration and cuts/scratches on it) Starts @ $4

Mew Light Up Keychain (Still works!!) starts @ $8

Mew & Mewtwo Tin (Used - has some scratches and marks) Starts @ $10

I can cut them from the necklace and you can just have the Charms if you want

Mewtwo Charm Necklace Starts @ $8

Mew Charm Necklace Starts @ $8

Only used for a few minutes when I was debating if I wanted to keep it or not lol

Offers start @ $10

I'll be posting threads for the offer items in a few

Straight Sales:

New Items have been added!

I may also have another GB I'm going to want to do.
Just have to wait a bit longer till I can post it, as I'm not sure when I'll be able to buy it
(the seller is away thus I have to wait to hear from them before we could buy)

Thanks for your time.
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