Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Sales Post! part one - plushies!

I have a lot of things for sale this week, so I'm going to split them up into separate posts so it's not too overwhelming. :)
Today, it's plushies!

Please read the following BEFORE you place an order. :)
I accept Paypal only, as I've had very bad experiences with mailed payments. I will ship worldwide, and insurance is available for an additional fee. E-checks are fine, but I will wait for it to clear before I mail it, which can take up to a week.
No reserving of items... these are all first come, first serve.
I mail things on Mondays and Wednesdays.
No returns.
If you're interested in an item, comment with the items you want and your zipcode.
Oh, and I am willing to trade for Growlithe/Stunky evolution line items I don't have, and fire-type zukans! :)

Okay, enough blahblahblah, on to the GOODS! Oh, and you guys at the PPP can gank any of my images if it pleases you :)
Prices negotiable.

Chibi Mewtwo UFO catcher plushie... having a hard time parting with this guy, so $30.

Hasbro Mewtwo plushie. $6

Magmortar UFO Catcher plushie, new with tag. $15

Mime Jr. UFO Catcher plushie, new with tag. $15

Seel KFC plushie... has seen better days! I handwashed him, so he is clean and dry, but his white fur has become dingy, and won't wash out. $4

Same story- this Dratini plushie isn't in the best of shape. Its eyes are all chewed up looking and while it is dingy, it IS clean. $4

Two Burger King Snorlaxes, $2 each

Mew plushie keychain, $5

Togepi Burger King plush, $2

Hasbro "Treat Keeper" squirtle plushie... has a velcro'd pouch in his back for hiding your goodies in! :)
Does not come with original candy, heh. $4

Unlike the other two KFC plush, this guy is in good shape! :) $5

KFC Vulpix. Is in "okay" shape- the fur is a bit coarse feeling, and one of the eyes has a scratch on the rim. Nothing major though! $5
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