nanoplasm (nanoplasm) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First round of shipping done, round 2 starting ^_^

First round of shipping is complete, and I am ready to accept payment for the second round of holds. =)

Participants of the following list please send in the amount that was agreed upon in our previous discussions. ^_^

List of second round of participants.
raikou_chan - Whimsicott PD
tealbulbasaur - Whimsicott PD
doomycaffei - Whimsicott PD + Tabune PD
lovelychu - Whimsicott PD
lampent - Tomy Deerling plush + Tabune PD
rock_dy - Summer Deerling PC plush
itsmemaa - Oshawott Dream World Plush + Whimsicott PD (back order)

If anyone is interested, I can accept about 10 more requests this round.

Please use this link to review all of my previous offerings in Pkmncollectors ^_^

I have a lot of PokeCen stuff not listed here (especially clear files >_<), so please do ask. =D

Here are some random stuff I have to offer (that I came across while digging for stuff requested by comm members.) ^_^;;


If "anyone" (<_<) is looking for the "Do your best, Piplup plushes"  I still have these two designs left. XD
Each one is $22 shipped to US, but I will consider any offers. ^_^

Then there are these straps.  Each one is $13 shipped to US. ^_^;;

DS Cart Cases, each one holds 24 DS and 3DS game carts + one SD card adatper.  This is made by the same factory as HORI's game cases, except these designs are PokeCen exclusive.  Each one is $29 shipped to US.

Victini mech pencil (I have ones that are sealed) and ball-point pen.  Each one is $16 shipped to US.  A little mascot of Victini is attached to the pen. =3

Darumaka and Starters Happy New Yaer key chain! XD
Each one is $16 shipped to US. =)


Thanks for looking, and tortoises I am going to calculate your total now. XD


Super DX Victini ver. 1: Hey Pikachu, thanks for keeping me company while we made it across the Pacific Ocean in a stuffy card board box!

Super DX Pikachu ver. 28: Pika~ Pika!

Bye, Pikachu ver. 28, your brethren await!
(throws Pika ver. 28 into the pile of set filler Pikachu plush)

Super DX Zorua #1: What are you suppose to be?  A Combusken reject?  I can't believe you are replacing my place in the theatrical spot light!

S. DX Victini #1: T__T

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