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 I said I'd never collect zukans or kids figures. Why? Because I'd want too many and spend too much money xwx; Well... this brings me to my next collection update!
I warn you right now, that this is very, very image heavy ^_^; If it breaks some kind of rule or something, tell me and I'll cut some out of here.

As you can see, a bit bigger than last time!
First up, shots of the blue guys XD

The Plusle and Minun Pokedolls were gifts from the lovely slowpuff, who celebrates her wedding this coming June ^_^ I was so so so happy! >o< She really cheered me up when I was pretty down, and restored some long-lost faith in people. slowpuff didn't even know me before she offered to give me those cuties ;w; HOW AWESOME AND SWEET IS THAT?!

I drew her a big collection picture as a thank you, which can be seen here ->

Also, from these two precious gifts, I've decided to start a Plusle and Minun collection! =D More about that at the end of this post.
Also, related:
It amuses me how little the Lapras pokedoll looks like the kid and official art X3 Still, SO CUTE.
Lols, Jakks and Bandai don't seem to like Vaporeon a whole lot with the funky colouring XD At least the Tomy looks good! I think I may touch the kid up a little bit with some acrylic at some point =) 
A Kmart in Australia actually had some Jakks figures! D= OMG. Lol. This little guy looked kinda derpy in his packet, but when I saw him standing next to my pokemon centre plush of Tepig, I fell in love with the little round guy <3 Still a bit WTF over $10 though =X I thought Jakks were cheaper.

So not only did this only cost me $2, but I found out when it arrived today that it's clear too! *o* Wowww! Thank you, ktmonkey! Kind of hard to tell in the photo, but it is =P Hence why I didn't realise before it came <3
I avoided buying this because I wasn't too fond of the Chimchar line and did not want to end up with the Roserade line, but when Gametrader had bright orange sticking out of one pokeball and bright yellow out of the other, I had to get this and the Electrabuzz line, if just for completed-ness. But heck, I'm glad I did, I kind of love it XD
OMG Jolteon attack kid <3 It's so cute! Took some cleaning up as I think it may have bumped around a little in transit, but as you can see, not much a wet, soapy cloth couldn't fix =)
PINKPINKPINK! I was actually one of those little girls that always hated pink. Lmao. When jedi_amara was selling her HUGE banpresto Happinny, I needed it! D=  Also got the Jakks plush from her. X3 Slowpoke looks like the it smelled something bad. Lmao!
Bought the Chansey line zukan from ktmonkey along with the super awesome and cheap kids from her =D Lolz, I smell new collection? Hehe!
This looks so much more elegant than I thought it would *o* Pretty Espy! And so far the only Espeon thing I have ^^; I am a very bad Eeveelutions collector. Lol!
I love Venonat *o*. Lolz. Purple crew here, with little Aipom jumping into the corner, there XD I love that Zoura figure except from the crappy work to his underside: Looks like someone caught him with a white brush and then spilled some glue while scratching his mouth xwx; Wish I could have seen that in the packet! Oh well, he was the last one =/

Gawwwd, how cute this is *o* I love Shaymin's land forme but due to it's grassy back, merch often looks a little odd to me. THIS is a big exception <3
Gahhhhhh Cubone! I love Cubone xwx; Another where merch is often not as nice. But d'awww.
!!! I love squirtle xwx; there are a few plush of him I'm trying to get, but keep failing. It makes me really happy that there's something of him within my collection though =)
 FINALLY, my straps. They're not even all here, and there are some other doubles in those eggs back there that I was too disheartened to get out >.>; Not going to go into too much detail, but with the exception of the Pikas in the middle, I was trying to get Eevee ='( Failll! Luckilly there's a member here who is going back to the US soon and is going to sell me one ^___^
As for the pikas, I was trying to get more sleepy Pikas >.>; Look at the cutttte!

AND FOR WANTS. I am really wanting Plusle and Minun kids. I don't want to spend much on them (I keep seeing them all over this place for a $1-2 each). However, I want them to be non-clear, non-glowing and in fair condition (no black marks on the heads especially). I'd really like to buy both from the same seller to save on shipping, as I need them shipped to me in Australia =) Would like to spend around $5-$7 including shipping? Although contact me regardless, if shipping is going to be more =)
I'd also like both the legit Jakks figures of Plusle and Minun, as mine are bootleg. But only if they are pretty cheap, I'm kind of low on funds now and the kids are priority =)

EDIT: I found Minun kid and Jakks figure! =D Now only looking for Plusle kid and Jakk's figure! Kid is still priority, and I would like to spend no more than around $3-$5 on it including shipping ^__^ Let me know if you have one for sale/trade! As for the Jakks, I am still looking but not sure of a price to offer =)

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