segamew (segamew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Need Advice on Using Fabric Paint/Marker on Plushies

Hey Pokemon friends, SEGAMew here again to hopefully get the answers I seek. Does anyone have any experience using fabric paint/fabric markers on plushies? Mostly the actual cloth bits, but can also apply to the "painted/plastic/sticker-like" bits as well. I'm thinking about turning this tagged, but pretty loved Banpresto chibi Dialga and turn him into a chibi Primal Dialga. I will have to purchase some fabric glue to mend his spike face/butt pieces back together. Once I finish this project, I might turn random other plushies into shiny/alternate color variations =) I tried my hand at plushie making before, and it's a lot more tedious than I thought (gosh I feel like I wasted hundreds on fabric and materials alone >__>).

So anyways, lay down your thoughts, advice, tips, suggested manufacterers, etc!

Also, I'm looking for anything with Farfetch'D in it. Also I love some Bill/Masaki =D

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