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Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Collection update and Collection weeding sales

So I took these pictures and planned on doing this update and haven't done it yet. So here it is. Along with some small sales. I'm planning on doing a massive TCG sale soon as I have many to get rid of. Also, you can find customs here.

I finally found Jakks Celebi just before the Black and White plush were released. :D

More plush and a bunch of kids. :)

More Jakks plush and some random figures/zukans

There's a Treecko TFG behind the Pikachu dice. Pink Shellos is in a bad spot for pictures.

That Monferno is the talking Jakks. It belonged to my nephew, who was throwing it away so I rescued it.

My lone Charmander plush up there with the 'mins. Jirachi Jakks that I finally found at Target. :D Happiny isn't something I'd normally like, but as I picked it up to look under it to see what other plush were hiding, I thought about how cute it looked and how sad it must be just sitting there being moved back and forth. So I rescued it. :)

More kids. The other Oshawott Pokecen Plush and the Zorua throwball plush.

Mostly Jakks figures and a few other random figures. Plus a UK puzzleball. And Jakks plush. I still need silver Cyndaquil.

Leafeon is obviously camera shy.

Snivy was the hardest of the Black and White plush for me to find, but now that I have one, Toysrus has them left and right.


More Pokeballs.

That's EVERYTHING except for a few small things that are in a box, and a Pikachu flashlight.

And I bet you're wondering what I'm getting rid of.

I've decided to no longer collect Eeveelutions, except for the few odd figures and kids.

Old tag Umbreon. UMBREON IS SOLD

Old tag Eevee. EEVEE IS SOLD

Old tag Flareon. $25
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