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BW Kids Sale Slots

I bought a box of these and they are shipping to me now, so I'm taking orders for the extras. You won't have to pay until they get here. There will be two payments, one to me that covers the kid and shipping to dukeburger, and then shipping from dukeburger to you. Each kid will be $7.50, which includes shipping to dukeburger and fees! PLEASE be ready to pay in a week or two's time, you're comitting to pay if you're putting yourself down for a kid!

The figures I am keeping have a small chance of being available: Reshiram, Litwick, Sawsbuck, Scraggy and Minccino. So if you reserve a slot for one then you probably won't get one, but who knows, right?? There are up to 5 kids that will be repeated, sooo. Cofragigus is dukeburger's, so there may not be an extra.

I'll take two slots per (maybe) kid and 3 per the others. If someone backs out the next person in line will get the kid! Unless you have a good reason I will leave negative feedback if you back out, though.


Reshiram: (maybe) angela_samshi
Pansage: mana_mihara
Darumaka: pannsie
Drilbur: k1yuu
Patrat: schenzi
Audino: sir_hannah, bergunty
Cofragigus (maybe) prawnographer, korth
Galvantula: ambertdd, vodka_mutini, korth
Minccino: (maybe)
Deerling: hamburger
Sawsbuck: (maybe) hamburger
Scraggy: (maybe) ravestars85, lyrrin
Litwick: (maybe) midnitesilven

My pan sticker offers are ending in two days (May 25th, 11:59 PM EST), so come grab 'em while you can!
I also have some other sets pre-ordered that I'll be selling extras of: next month's kid set (SWOOOOBAT!!!!), July's clipping figure set and soap figures.. so keep an eye out for those!
Tags: sales
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