pumpki3 (pumpki3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update + display + wtb!

Hi everyone!! 
Today I bring some updates and also a shelf I put up over the long weekend! It was my first time putting up a shelf so it was pretty challenging interesting....=X 

This is how it looked like at first.....
My plan was for it to display pokedolls only!

But then I still had lots of other plushies to display...so I decided to add more! Trying to balance them is harder than it looks T_T

Then I noticed there was some space near the front so I got even greedier with the display!
Which brings me to the final display!!! ^^

Below are a couple things I got that couldn't fit on the shelf :(

I LOVEEEEE darumakka!!! Looking to buy a lot more of his merch!

Finally to end off the post...my WTB list:
  • minicotts - especially Plusle
  • Plusle figure that matches the Minun one on the bottom right corner of my shelf 
  • Darumakka merch
  • transformed-Ditto merch
  • other tiny/small cute figures
Tags: azurill, bidoof, collection, darumaka, ditto, flareon, marill, minccino, minun, pikachu, plush, plusle, pokedolls, teddiursa
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