f4y3 (f4y3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Doubles collection sales/offers!

Super quick sales!

So I realized that I have a LOT of doubles of Lugia items haha. Collection weeding sale gogogo!

There's also a few rarer items that I'm just not interested in such as the Lugia Playset and some other trinkets <3


.:I ship from the US:.
.: I only accept Paypal as a form of payment:.
.:I might accept concealed cash if you live within the US:.
.:I will hold for 24 hours, unless I say I can hold for more:.
.: I'm open to trades AND bartering down prices:.
.:Mention:  Items, Country, (zip code) when purchasing:.

Payments to cpatrola [@] gmail [dot] com

Currently Questing:
Lugia plushies
Nidoqueen Charm
Kabutops Zukan
Omastar Zukan

WISHLIST: http://f4y3.livejournal.com/690.html

Aerodactyl-- NOT FOR SALE

Large Lugia Tomy Keychain (yellowing on back)- $5 obo
Lugia Iridescent TOMY- $3
Red base chou $3
Blue base chou $3
Silver Lugia Clear Base chou $8
Lugia/Ho-oh Tape $10 obo
Lugia Clip $ 5 obo
Lugia/ho-oh sleeves $15 obo
Lugia Compass $2 obo
NIB Lugia keshipoke $10 obo
Secret silvery lugia keshipoke $8 obo
Lugia keshipoke (laying down) $4
Lugia round magnet $1
HGSS release keshipoke (looking over back) $4

Lugia book $5
BK Crown.. very loved.. offer
Lugia DSI cover (my dsi died lol) $5
Lugia DVD $1 obo

Diagla, square tag $10 obo---- HOLD THE MAYO PLZ
Greatball bank- offer

Lugia Island playset Looking for offers above $10 please
I have the lugia figure, as well as the altar pieces..
The battery compartment is corroded with, so I'm unsure if it will ever work again? I also don't know if there's a way to fix it.

Loved Lugia Tupperware Lunchbox

Near mint Pokemon 2001 Movie poster (only issue with it are the four holes i put thumb-pins through to hang it on my wall) Pokemon card in bottom right for size reference.
$20 obo


Tags: dialga, lugia, sales, slowking, wanted
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