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A mini update - literally!

Okay, so, I wanted to show what I got this last week or so, and figured that I'd do it. Yeah.

Woo! Onto more awesome bad phone pictures. Someday I'll stop buying pokemon and get a camera, Maybe...

So, got a mini grail I guess, and it's enough to satisfy my Charmander plush wants for a while, cause man they are becoming a(n expensive) commodity around here now huh >:( Bummer pants.

Mini Charmander Pokedoll! Isn't he a cutie??

OMG lookit that cute little butt ;_;

Babydoll with Big Derp(Not their names, I don't do the naming really)! Friends for life I think, neh?

Onto stamps! I have realized I love stamps.

Rooooooooolly stamp!

Pokeball Stamp! This one is also a rolly, but features The full Char evolution line, like I care about the other two though XD

UMG This stamperrrrrrr it is adoraboo, though looks nothing like it's Figure.

In their home.

More Plush now.

The Derp,'s too much, I love him so much.


I actually have two of these, and funnily enough both had their keychains cut off AND the Tail is split XD
This one I just got from a GA with couchpotato, and the other (Not pictured) I have had for....ever. It has been on dozens of backpacks throughout the years, and is still currently on a bag in the closet, so he stays for there for function and this one is for mah plush shelf.
Good to note, both have a zipper down their back (I got it to work, by the way) Great for keeping change and...other very small things. :3

Here he is at home, also shown my new derp Bulba (Top one, darker color) He changes into a pokeball and is an amazing addition to my Derpy Bulba's. Why you so cute bulba, why.

Things I forgot to picture; Bulba Rolly stamper to match char, and a Charmander Roller ball figure, and while she is a little marked up, she is extremely cute.

Things I want;
An Eevee pokedoll, and I don't want to have to pay eevolution collector prices to get one. I know that sounds so....crappy. I want one old, no tags, dirty, bootleg whatever, I just want one lol
A Charmander fuzzy backpack. I...I need one. I have missed them time and time again, both here and elsewhere.
Pokemon Magnets, Not the flat ones that are very present right now, the 3D like ones, and really only from the original 151. My fridge is so hungry for them.
That's all I can think of, and it's so not all.

Also, a quick request from the boyfriend, tell me if it's not allowed and I'll delete this part.
He is a collector of Pinky St. figures, and he wants parts! Heads, hair, legs, he's looking to buy, Not complete pinky's, just bits and pieces for good prices. His communities and forums are all but dead, and since this place is so lively, and we all have interests outside of Pokemanz, I thought we could give it a shot :3 Please, shoot me a PM if anyone has anything like that, or knows of a lively Pinky community he can play with.

And that's all from me again, except, has anyone heard from My_Chapstick recently? I knew she had some problems, and I'm ever a wait-er, but...she has quite a few things of mine from GA's and what not, and I would like to know....if I should give them up and start rebuying the lost items, or just keep...waiting? Thanks all! G'night.
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