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TC loves planes ಠ_ಠ

My first gets + pokedoll question

Guyssss my first SMJ package came in the mail with a lot of plushies. :D

You can already spot some of them.

I'll make Dragonite a custom little mailman bag soon. :D And Altaria! I love the Altaria/Swablu line. I have to say, though, I got this plush as a temporarily stand-in for the Pokedoll I might never find (daaaaamn they seem expensive). So I'm not 100% certain I'll keep her. Really pleased that she's MWT though!

An angry bird. I'm not even a big fan of Ho-Oh, but this pokedoll has the most adorable design I've seen in a while. ♥

Eevolutions! Don't mind Landmin for now, he'll be for sale in the near future.

Idle question: why is it so damn hard to make the Eevolution pokedolls STAND on their own? ;-; my gooood it's near impossible. Especially Glaceon - it has a huge head and can't stand if I'm not propping him up against something. Ugh :( Pretty disappointed in that aspect. (Then again I mostly wanted Leafeon, and he can stand, more or less.)

FINALLY: my favorite piece! I don't know exactly what it is though (it's so cool I'd be okay with a bootie, even) but the tag says he might be a DX? Either way, Mewtwo is one of my long-time favorites.

Side and back!


Group shot!

I also need your help - if anyone can tell me the value of a couple of pokedolls, I'd appreciate it. :>

Lastly, the guys I'm not going to keep. I got them in a lot, so they'll be looking for a home whenever I get sale permission. (Sorry for the bad cellphone pic D:)

I'm not sure whether they're all pokedolls (ooops newb alert), but their tush tags look like it (Pokemon Center 2008 and 2009 respectively). Heatran and Landmin - as well as the Banpresto(?) Mewtwo. Does anyone know how much they're all worth? For future reference, as I'm terrible at pricing.

Edit: Shaymin and Heathran are pokedolls, and Mewtwo looks like the Banpresto UFO. Any idea on their value though? :3

Thanks for looking :D
Tags: altaria, banpresto, dragonite, heatran, ho-oh, mewtwo, pokedolls, shaymin
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