Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

first of all, i forgot it is easter and everyone is gone... so the KFC Figures will be ended tomorrow night :>


i was cleaning up, and wibbled at the package for jakks staraptor. american toys have the best packaging, and i have trouble throwing it away. so, i've been cutting it out and keeping it. in some cases, i use it to back up a collection! staraptor collection looks even better now, and i didnt really do a thing. the big white gap wont be there in a few weeks when the new plush comes out :D

so... who else does this? anybody? bueller? and for those of you who just throw it out - does it hurt deep down to do it? if anybody else has packaging in their collections.... post a photo! XD

and here it is with my electrike and manectrics!

ALSO. make sure if you've paid for your colored figures, your name says PAID next to it. if you paid and i have you on this list, let me know so i can double check: eeveelution, ashketchum, lazer, kefanii, meowthcollector, candycafe, unowncafe, enock, pikachuashnat (i know some of you are waiting for the KFC figures to end or had special circumstances... no hurry :>)
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