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Shipping Information and Clearance Sales

I will be shipping the other orders before the end of the week. Things came up and now I owe a crapload of money out of nowhere, so I'm selling everything I own that's Pokemon related. My shirts, my plushes,my DS cases (even the one that was on a ds..just anything I could grab that was Pokemon related.
I WILL consider any reasonable offer, please be nice I did spend a lot of this stuff..

Everything must go!

I ship from the UK


Small packages internationally cost about $3.50. I do consider offers including shipping.

I am not responsible for the postal system failing X_X


The only stylus that is a bit scuffed is Cyndaquil and that's barely noticeable. I'm willing to do a lot with all these because it makes no sense to sell Trecko for $2 and have awful shipping. So $7 for everything here OBO (EXCEPT ONE SNIVY STLUS AND MIJUMARU STYLUS) would be wonderful I'll also break it up
Zorua thing is a dsi decal

1x Snivy stylus and Mijumaru stylus sold everything else is in the lot

Zoroark Wristband: $6 OBO
Zorua Wristband: $4 OBO
Mijumaru: $8 OBO
Snivy: $8 OBO
Zorua plush: $2 OBO(when I received it someone had ripped out the tush tag and left a hole..and I don't have a sewing kit yet. Easy enough to fix though)
Back of Zorua

I may not sell the Bellosom charm because it's my wife's but the Pikachu one is definitely for sale.
Pikachu: $10 OBO

I barely used the Giratina, never used the Lugia and mostly used the Ho-oh so it's a bit loved, I'm not selling the DSI I'm selling the cover on it. It has tiny scratches on it from use.
Ho-oh case: $4
Lugia case: SOLD
Giratina case: $5
Lugia cover: SOLD

Cases were never used
Reshiram soft case: SOLD
Reshiram/Zekrom case: $5 OBO

These were used, the top one has a tiny bit of ink on the Snivy, which sucks since I used it only once.
The reshiram one is a bit loved. This was on my ds before I posted this
3 starter case: $5 OBO
Reshiram/Zekrom case: $4 OBO
The back of that reshiram case

These shirts are previously worn, but are in good condition because I'm mostly at work and have barely any time to wear them anyway XD They're $15 OBO except the Japanese Tsutarja adult small, I paid $40 for that one so I'm putting it at $20 OBO Plus I only wore it once for a tiny bit

Zorua shirt imported from Japan size 140cm worn twice, has a tiny tug on the inside, wanted to keep it nice looking so I had it on display (about a childs boys medium)

Tsutarja line shirt size 140 barely worn (about a childs boys medium)

Size 150 (about a childs boys large)

Adult snivy shirt SOLD

As I said before everything must go. I need money more than ever and I move in a few days. Bad timing for huge fees T_T

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