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Collection like stuffs. Call it what you want. There's Juniper in here. Freaking Juniper.

Heya!~ :D I haven't done a collection update in a while. So I figured I could do one. But I want to start this post off with my usual wants.

Professor Juniper wants:

Settei. Really. I can't find crap ANYWHERE I look. I can only find Ash, Dento, Iris, Lenora, and other random settei for Best Wishes. I'm starting to get discouraged. Dx
Japanese Black/White set Rev. Holo and Non. Rev. card.
ANYTHING I appeared to have missed! (I do have some stuff on the way as well...)
A custom plush maker! Someone who can make her!~ :D

Fennel wants:

Settei. I have started to love Fennel as well Juniper. .__. They're just too cute together! xD
Anything really. All I have for Fennel is the sticker sheet that also features Juniper.

Other wants:

Giant Munna beanbag plush
1:1 Chillarmy
Chillarmy bag!

Anyways. Collection update time.


Pokemon Center Fukuoka medallion! :D I love this! :D It's so cute. ;3

Grimer and Muk swing keychains! :D I LOVE Grimer and Muk. In fact, Grimer is my favorite Pokemon! :D Just look at that pile of derp.<3 Thankies to happyjolteon for these! :D

Ancient Mew card. Got it at a card shop for $3. Why not.

I've had this for a while... Surfing Pikachu charm. :3 I wear it on a chain every day, and it's my favorite necklace.<3

Alright. Don't ask about this. xD Long story short: it was for devotion in Bible class for a final and I didn't have Barbies and I needed a visual and I didn't wanna go out and buy something and this is what you get . .___. Snivy was the bad friend, Shinx was the good friend.

Darkrai friends plush. Imma sell it. Gimme offers. It's in brand new condition.

Okey. First off. It's NOT a rape whistle. I hate it when people ask me if it's a rape or dog whistle. -_____- It really annoys me. If you wanna know the story behind it, go to I like to put my Pichu on it and wear it around. :) 

This. Is my main section. The place where crap loves to fall down from its display time and time again.
And where all the awesome Juniper desktop backgrounds are.



Water bottle holder. I bought one. I will sure be using it for Cross Country practice this summer.
Running in the middle of the summer is gonna suck in Florida. Kill me nowwwww.

Plushieeee! xD I spy Fennel and Juniper andddddd Bianca.

These. Are not new.

These. Are old as well.

Once again, nothing new. ._.


SOMETHING NEW. The sticker. I freaking love that pile of derp.<3

Pika boxes. SO CUTE.

Moar boxes.

I has another box. .____. Of course, I don't put crap in these.

Black/White tour stuffs I never posted. :3 I never did post all my videos did I ? I will do that next time. xD I actually had 6 tickets, but I gave some away to friends. xD

DX Mew tomy, Skymin pokedoll tag, gummis thing! :D :D 

Mudkip water thing, Tomy Piplup keychain, and overdrive Reshi tomy from denkimouse. :D

As you can see, Jakks Umbreon, DX Zekrom tomy, BUTTRIBBONS, Marilllllllllllllll, and other stuffs. :3


I'm sure you ALL can identify this stuff.


Promo poster and crap. LOVE THEM. :D They are all so cute. ;D Also. Can anyone spot the TOMS flag? Hehe. Anyone even know what TOMS are? xD I LOVE THEM.

So. I went to GameStop Sunday hoping that the B/W display boxes were ready to come down... They weren't, but the guy checked in the back for if there were any others. There weren't, but he did find this and give it to me! :D I LOVE IT MAN.

My other DS displays. <3


Phone charms! I know there is a Mew and Mime Jr. in this set... If anyone has these for sale lemme know! :D

Nothing new here. :3

Pokedoll Bonsly strap, and Pokedoll Pikachu PEN! (I keep calling it a pencil...)

Treeko and Pikachu PokeCenter pencil! :D

Soulsilver box. :3

CLEARFILE! It's cute.

Nowwww over here! ;D I bet you guys know what's over here...

JUNIPER! My main collection! :D 

MOAR JUNIPER. :D This is all I currently *have* in my hands. ;D (Along with a bunch more Juniper cards..) But! No need to worry! ;D I HAVE A BUNCH OF CUSTOMS ON THE WAY. :D

My pin from shiny_s! And my pan sticker from a GA. :) I'm actually looking for another pan sticker if anyone has one? I wanna put it on my iPhone. ;D

THIS. Is the Juniper from the playset! :D SO AWESOME.

Holo card! ^^ I got this one myself... I WAS SO HAPPY. :D

I got this sleeve from a member here! :D (I'm bad at names...) Thank you! :D


FIGURES! Just about all came from a trade with fizzycat. :D And the Squirtle I got off eBay. :D


Games and moar figures. ;D

Pokedolls with no where else to go. Along with a random doodle of world's best Professor.

Almost forgot about this! :D It's a Celebi thing.. From Pokepark. ;D It lights up. :D It is all MIP like.. So I opened the bag it was in. xD



And, I leave you with this. I had a poem project in my class due, so I decided to draw Juniper and plaster her all over it! >:D
Thanks for looking guys. :) Y'all are awesome.<3

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