sam (roxiexcore) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping payment time + AZ?

To participants of the keychain GA and the small plush GB that karoia and I ran, I've sent a shipping request to SMJ, so it's time for shipping payments for both. The spreadsheet for the keychain GA can be found here. Please send your payment to: ~ Be sure to include your username and 'keychain GA' somewhere in the subject/memo! n_n

Igglybuff and Blissey have not been claimed! If you would like to claim them/add them to your claim, it would be $7.75 in the US or $7.84 non-US (includes plush price + shipping from SMJ to me).

Otherwise, I need $1.16 from US participants or $1.18 from non-US participants. Please send payment to:
All paid, cheers guys!

Also, I realize this is a little last minute, but is anyone going to Animazement this weekend? It's probably a little too late to organize a meet-up, but it'd still be nice to see some friendly faces. ;D I'll be going for all three days; if you see a chick dressed up as Konoe or as a Hunter with snakebites/stupidly large stretched ears, it's probably me. Come say hi! ;3
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