C.J (winterwish) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Sales, Updates, New Stuff

Hi there. :>
I'm going to put up a few select flat items for sale/offer today here:

[Amada Stickers & Vs. Cards]

I've also done some updating on my collection:

[Image Heavy Site :P]

(Quick introduction: I mostly collect the Eevee evolutions and Ninetales. :3)

And finally, here's a snapshot of some new stuff I pulled out to go into my collection.
(There's a mysterious small Salamence on a peg and a Flareon with prongs...)

On a side note, since I am located in Australia, I will no longer be selling single bulky items internationally because of the high shipping cost/exchange rate. I will be clearing a giant box of stuff every so often as a GA instead. :D
Tags: sales
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