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Technicolorcage GA Update - Leftovers and Shipping payments

Alright guys, I'm back from school and have everyone's shipping calculated! We have a ton of leftovers for sale, so please take a look at them before sending your shipping payment! These are open to non-participants as well, and everything is priced to move with most items under a dollar.

I want all of this gone! If you're interested in something but it's too pricey (ahaha I can't imagine how with these things) ask about it. I'm open to haggling, especially if you're buying a lot of items or less popular ones.

All in this pic - $.25
All sold

All here .25
Drowzee, doduo, dorio sold

Minun & Poliwhirl - .50 Clefairy clip - .25
Minun and clefairy sold

This is one of my FAVORITE figures leftover! Comes with the original insert from back in 1998 showing the blastoise, pikachu, and mewtwo from the set.
$2 for him, he's a really nice figure. About 2 1/2" tall at the top of the dome.

Meiji charms! .50 each
Both sold

Dome figures! .50 each
All sold

In case figures leftover - Parasect (row 2nd from bottom, furthest left) and Golem next to it, for those having a hard time seeing. ADORABLE figures! Even the machop is a cutie <3
.50 each

SOLD: Victreebell, Venonat, Machop, Tentacruel

Alright, now that that's said, the spreadsheet is here! Shipping has already been determined, but please refrain from paying if you're looking into leftovers.
Please send payment to ThisUsernameFails@gmail.com
Tags: figures, group auction, plush, sales, tomy
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