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Trades for repaints? And commissions!!

Hey guys, I would just like to post on here that I will gladly be taking trades for any repaints you might want/need done! I don't have pictures up atthe moment as my beloved camera isnot here and won't be until the weekend ;-; I'm having withdrawals already. But I can repaint Jakks figures, or any other figure you might have that need some new clothes. If you really would rather see pictures of things I have done, I will have to post pictures when my camera comes home!

However, I do have photos of my artwork examples for commissions! I will only open a few slots as finals are coming up, and I will not have as much time as I'd like to get ten or more done! Over the summer, though, I can open more!

EDIT: forgot to add, sales permission given by Dakajojo, 5/22/11 ^^;

Okay, first off we have colored pencil with ink outline. These were freehand and random, simply because I love my Ttars and Lamps! **And these are cell phone photos so excuse the crappy pic quality!** T-T

I can do any pokemon in this style, so just ask! But remember, a full body, full colored picture WILL cost more than a simpler pokemon, a profile shot, or a black and white outline!
Full colored, full body- $5-$15
Full colored profile(head/face shot)- $5-$10
Black and white outline, full body- $4-$10 non shaded, $5-$12 shaded
Black and white outline, profile- $4-$9 non shaded, $5-$10 shaded
Pencil sketch- Depends on the pokemon and pose, just ask!

Next we have word drawings. These will generally take longer than the others above, as they are tedious and time consuming. I will take TWO slots at the moment for these, as a result. Don't worry, I will open more when school is out for summer! (June 8 can't come fast enough!)

This particular one was originally as a trade offer for CaptainAngel, but I don't think she saw my comment. :( If you see this and want it, hun, just drop me a comment!

I can do these in color or black, with the Pokemon's name, your name or username, a song, any word(s) or lyrics you want can be used.
Full body- $15-$25
Profile- $10-$15
(If prices seem steep to you....then you've never done these with a wrist problem before!)

And finally, scratchboards. I know someone else was doing colored ones on here...I only have access to black scratchboard with silver, white or gold underneath. I have never done a Pokemon on scratchboard before, but I have done quite a few for art class and art shows. This one is my most popular, has won awards, and was inspired by my dear friend.

The girl holding the piece here right after it was finished is that same beautiful girl who inspired me to do this! <333 ;) I'd post a picture of just the board itself, but it is currently at a show, and besides, this picture means a lot!

I will take one scratchboard slot, maybe two, as they take the most time to do and I get my board from my amazing art teacher. (Underneath color, gold, silver or white is random, so I cannot guarantee which you'll get!)
Full body- $15-$30 (May go higher if it is very intricate!)
Profile- $15-$20

Well, that's all, folks!

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