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leeedle update

So this is just a uber quick post! Im away this weekend so if I win any items in a GA you are running please dont fret! I will pay for them on sunday/monday!
If I owe you anything drop me a quick message, the last kid GA totally KILLED my inbox and I think ive survived the worst of that xD

I also want a bit of advice from you guys. I recently purchased a Official Arcanine Banpresto plush from eBay but its been 10 days since it was posted and it hasnt arrived yet. Ive tried contacting the seller but they havent gotten back to me =/ Do you think I should put in a dispute or wait until I get back sunday? I wouldnt normally panic so much but this thing cost me quite a bit and I worry so hard when it comes to parcels!

Quick update on the GA front!

The hebilea GA - Your items have arrived safely but I havent had chance to sort out shipping etc so I'll be doing that when I get back from london.

The Retsuden Stamper GA - Im still waiting on this one to arrive :) Again I will sort out the spreadsheet when the time comes!

When I get back as well I'll be setting up a TCG post :) So keep your eyes peeled!

No images today of updates but please feel free to take a look at my collection site!

sorry for the boring post but it had to be done ;)
Take care

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