Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

more random fun sales

i have some more little sale items here for you all today. mostly things from my own collection... i am saving up for a quick trip so they are looking for new homes.

i've got an incredibly amazing skarmory pokedoll, adorable pokedoll tins, and the tiniest pokedolls ever! up for auction, along with raichu canvases, other pokedolls, colored mini models and more.

come take a look :)

all offers in this post will continue until 11 PM sunday, EST.

pokedoll tins, pikachu and lucario version, are up for offer. they are mint condition and start at 25$ each. please offer in the appropriate thread!

a gorgeous minky and fleece skarmory pokedoll by lonepichu. i adore this little guy and he is hard to say goodbye to. he is in perfect condition, and begins at 75$. please offer in the appropriate thread.

the tiniest pokedolls ever! this plush is mint condition with no hang tag and very hard to find. pikachu and his little pokedolls begins at 30$. please offer in the appropriate thread!

metagross is 25$ flat sale :)

raichu canvas plushies. i kept quite a load of them as place-holders on my shelf for gen 5. as the shelves begin to fill with spiders and zebras, the raichu canvases will move on to greener pastures. they are 32$ each.

also from my personal collection.

giant staraptor: good condition except a dark spot on his right talon, from a candle being pushed too close underneath of him :( you can see it clearly in the photo. he needs a good home, i love him and caught him myself. he is 15$ or feel free to make an offer. his shipping could cost around 10$.

american dialga pokedoll: MWT. 12$.
emonga pokecen plush: japanese version but has no hang tag. had none when i got home with him so i adopted him. now he needs a new family. he is just 12$ also.
cranidos: i have two of this guy somehow?! he is also 12$!

sway-min... AKA "squirmin"... pull the cord and she moves her head back and forth. 22$
tiny skymin: 5$!
1/4th of a piplup pokedoll: was sold already, my apologies.

custom amigurumi luxray: 15$
raichu: 10$

take all of these away from me for 22$ shipped! not interested in selling individuals.

MIB jakks figures. no gin we don't need MIB doubles of EVERYTHING. 9$ each?

LOTS of random goodies. registeel is a zukan... lucario is a DX kid... cut rotom is a chougetto without the base, FYI :)

if you have any more questions just let me know :) thanks guys.
Tags: sales
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