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A Very Doof Photo Story + San Francisco China Town?

I haven't really obtained anything especially new to my collection to warrant a new collection post, but I got bored, and I decided to break out my 'doofs for a photo story! :D Because I have to keep everything stored away (my room is too small for display ;____;), sometimes I forget how many 'doofs I actually have XD

So, I now bring you The Missing Doof for your enjoyment!

For those who don't know, the main 'doofs consist of:
Bibarel UFO: Papa Doof
Jakks Talking Bidoof (in bandana): Mama Doof
Bidoof Pokedoll: Bipa, the older brother of Baby Doof!
Jakks Throw Pokeball Bidoof: Baby Doof!

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Dragonite: So, are you guys ready to go grab something to eat?
Mama Doof: Oh, no! Dragonite, it's terrible!
Dragonite: What!??

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Mama Doof: M-M-My Baby Doof! H-H-He's missing! He wasn't in the drawer where 'raven left him!!! She's such an irresponsible collector! I knew as soon as she said she was going to start collecting us, she would--
Papa Doof: Dear! DEAR, PLEASE! 'raven OWNS US! We will find Baby Doof!

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Dragonite: C-Calm down! Here, I'll help! Doofs, ASSEMBLE!

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And so the 'doofs and Dragonite worked long and hard to locate the missing 'doof... (restuden stamp lolz)

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They even asked some of the nearby neighbors...
Jakks Doof: Excuse me, have you folks seen a plush walking around, about yea-high?
Medicham: Nope, sorry, man. I've just been standing here with my arm raised up as if I'm looking at something from afar. I can't seem to put this arm down...
Meditite: Come spot me, man!!!
Hope seemed lost, until...

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Bibarel Kid: Excuse me, have you seen a Bidoof plush around recently?
Zorua: Oh, you mean Baby Doof?

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Baby Doof: Wassup!
Jakks Bidoof: WE FOUND HIM!!!

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Baby Doof: Uh, Mom, I told you I was going to go play with Zorua... stop embarrassing me!

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Papa Doof: Who is this purple guy!? How dare you kidnap my boy! Engarde!!! (lol bent swords)

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Dragonite: Papa Doof! It's okay! He's a friend!
Baby Doof: Daaaaad! You do this to all my friends!
Papa Doof: Let me at 'im! Let me at 'im!!!
Zorua: I'm only a fifth gen Pokemon! I mean no harm!
Papa Doof: Oh, fifth gen, huh? Think you're better than all of us fourth gens!?

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Zorua: Uh... I think it's about time I go.
Bidoof Kid: I think that would be best.


On an unrelated note, I will be going to China Town in San Francisco on Saturday! I've been to San Francisco lots of times, but never to China Town. Does anyone know of any places to buy Pokemon merch (even bootlegs, I enjoy looking at their derpiness XD). And one last thing, is anyone going to Ani-Jam from the community (Fresno, CA, August 20-21, 2011)? I'm planning on going this year (my first con! XD) and it'd be great to meet other members from the community there :3 Thanks!!
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