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Hello Everyone

I happened across this community while looking for active pokemon communities on LJ. I really like it so far and look forward to participating in the auctions.

My collection isn't terribly impressive yet, but I hope to add to it (once I'm working full time again XD )

One of the main things I collect are plushies. Chatot, Pikachu, Shaymin (normal forme), and happiny were all won out of a claw machine for me by my boyfriend :) Shaymin sky forme was a lucky find at Wal-mart, and so was Togekiss. Rotom was purchased off ebay. I'm sure there's nothing else I need to explain here, let's move on :)

I've just started collecting vinyl pokemon figures. Litwick has to be my favorite of my vinyl figures...sometimes I carry him in my pocket for good luck, actually. I know the Kirby doesn't really belong, but he happened to be around the others. Out of these, rotom has to be my very favorite of my action figures...he has a neat blue covering for an energy aura.

I'm especially happy with the Vanillite phone charm. It just came in today, so I took this before putting it on my DSlite.

Pikachu's head is blocking this one in the plushie picture...so I thought I would post one of her alone. ....I named her Maya ^_^;

I forgot Giratina in the first plushie picture, I can't believe that! He was another lucky find...this time at Toys R Us. Also, those tins are pretty neat (the one with Zekrom is not mine).

I have a lot more plushies, but right now they are safely stowed in a storage shed due to space issues :( Someday, I will dig those out...along with my cards...to show you.

Right now as far as collecting goes, I'm looking for more vinyl figures...especially ones of my favorites...and more plushies of course :)
One thing I am ESPECIALLY looking for is merchandise of sigilyph (anything featured here I made myself)...I have had no luck finding anything except Japanese cards, but I don't really collect those.
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