Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GRAIL GET with lame comic + Pan stickers sale

 Finally, one of my grails arrived to my home yesterday!!! ;____; <3333

Why yes! Guess who it is guys! :D

.....don't worry Mantyke, there is a new friend of yours on the way! Just wait and see! >w<

Finally, my big talky Snivy arrived to my home.....she is by far the most expensive Pokemon items that I have bought. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!! Even my friend who isn't into Pokemon loves it! <333333

And now, to my direct sales! I still have A LOT of pan stickers left that I really don't need....I am selling them all for 1$ each! So take a look if you would like some of them! :D
- So that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 
- I am shipping from the Slovak Republic, Europe and sending anywhere in the world! I can assure you that our post offices take shipping very serious and are pretty responsible!
- You can ask me also if you would like to send them to me first class or surface mail.
Thank you for taking a look! :D 
Tags: mantyke, sales, snivy
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