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I had modified my post the other day to be a GA post but it was nearly at the bottom of the front page by the time I did it. So I'm going to post my reminder now even though it doesn't end for a few days yet just so people can see it :3

Click the text or picture to be transported! SPARKLE SPARKLE

I understand that they are sealed stickers. They are very sparkly and cute! You know you want some!

and random, but I'm finally starting to sort my Marill collection after putting in a corner shelf... I'll post updates when I'm done ^^

ALSO ALSO my friend is looking for a Cherubi plushie and I told her I'd look here to see if I could find her one before she looks on eBay ^^

I know there's a Jakks plush and a Banpresto one. She prefers the Jakks but is looking for both if they are good prices. It'd be shipped to Canada. Please let me know if you have any for sale!!!!
Tags: bulbasaur, dragonite, group auction, ivysaur, pikachu, raichu, slowpoke, squirtle, togepi

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