Fineapple Princess (mizuhokusanagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fineapple Princess

GA Payment time! ... And the 'fees were higher than expected' sales post!

Ok. So, I got the invoice for this card GA! :D

echizenakira, your total for the 2 cards is $10.24. c:
schenzi your total is $5.27.
dunsparce, your total is $5.27 as well. :D 

Please send payment to as soon as you can! :D Thank you!~ :D

Now. For sales. D: I really hate to sell some of these, but  it must be done. *sigh*

2006 Mudkip PokeCenter plush (slightly loved.): (I have taken offers before- but I felt as though the were too low to have me part with it. I'm positive I'm selling it this time.) $40.

Buneary pokedoll: $20 OBO

Elekid pokedoll (older release): $30.

Plusle pokedoll: Offers? Someone offered me $40, but they said they would pay and it has been a couple of weeks and they haven't. So it's back up for sale. I have another on the way, so just throw them at me.

Celebi PokePark thing: Lights up green and red. Comes in the original packaging, with the tag and never used.: $40

Thank you so much guys! :D I hope I can sell some of this stuff. D: 
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