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quick sales

Alright! I am...going to be broke because of new kids (attack pokabu, attack drilbur, solosis, all my favorites). In anticipation of this, I'm going to try to raise some money to bring 'em home. XD So I have some stuff for sale. Really quick-like sales. All from my personal collection!

All prices below are listed as shipped so you don't have to ask for quotes.

only, no trades right now.
I ship via First Class, and if an item gets lost I'll refund ya half the cost.

These prices include shipping within the US. If you are anywhere else, just add $2 to the listed price and that's your total.

Most importantly, do try to respond to my comments and pay within 24 hours. I understand not getting notifications and such, but just bookmark this page if that is a problem. If there are multiple people interested in an item, it won't do to keep everyone waiting! If you are just checking up on prices and are not interested in the item, say so, I won't mind. HOWEVER, backing out after you've made it clear of your intent to buy will result in negative feedback.

Alrighty, on to the sales. Today we have...

  • munchlax pokedoll (american): $12 SHIPPED and I'll include his ducky slippers free =)
  • jakks duskull (no tags): $4 SHIPPED
  • tv tokyo treecko: $5 SHIPPED
  • walky totodile (loved): $8 SHIPPED (keychain has all but faded and there's some wear on the backs of the metal charms, as you can see, but totodile himself is in decent condition. fine is you want walk starter for cheap and don't mind condition.)
  • skymin pokedoll (american): $12 SHIPPED
  • zekrom kid with sticker: $7 SHIPPED
  • heatran zukan: $7 SHIPPED
Just let me know what you are interested in and I'll tell you where to send payment. A little haggling is okay if you like, but keep in mind that for some of these half the price is just shipping (shipping starts at $3.50), so... ^^;

Thanks for reading!
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