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Grail get!!! And photostory ^^

Hi everyone!
I got one grail today! And he is soo awesome! But first photostory time ^^

Blacktail used fire blast!

No seriously my neighbours house burned down.. :S 
I live on the other side of the street, but it was still a bit too close..

The car got on fire inside the garage and that started the fire, but no one got injured only a dog was inside the house and got out in time so he's fine.

That horrible day slowly ended and sun went down...

Next day and unexpected grail package arrived ^^

Blacktail: what a gigantic box!
Doru: How could be inside??
Nayo: What about this one?
Me: Nayo that is my birthday present.  *have to resist opening it......* i'll get the scissors.

Blacktail: Here we go!
Nayo: Be careful though

Blacktail: ugh! come on!

Blacktail: Got the sides now the hard part remains..
Nayo: Careful don't cut me..
Doru: Then jump off the box!

Nayo: Who could this be?
Doru: I have no idea..
Blacktail: Looks green, let's take him out of there.

Blacktail: Still no clue..
Nayo: ....
Grailquaza: Finally air! And i can strech myself out! 
Blacktail: Who are you?
Me: The TOMY Recall Rayquaza from kylie_fanatic !!! Finally he is here !!! Grail get!!! :))))))))))))))))))
He is so awesome! He has so much embroidery on him!!  His eyes, the yellow rings, the black lines on his chest.

He also arrived with a dice bag, and tag ^^ 

Blacktail: I can even fit in it ^^
Grailquaza: Don't even try....

Grailquaza: You are squishing me...... Get off me!!!
Blacktail: You are so soft ^^
Nayo: I second it :)))))))))
Doru: I can't even fit properly.... But he is soft^^
Grailquaza: Cactus!! XD
Look at those beautiful eyes  and that small fang^^He is sooo adorable!!! 
Grailquaza: Smells good ^^
Grailquaza: I'm sinking! heeelp! 
Me: That's only grass you know.... ._.'
Grailquaza: Ooooohhhhh.... XD
Grailquaza: What's this?? Smells so good :)))))
Me: A rose
Grailquaza: Omnomnomnomnom!! Rose my falvoulite!! *Munch*
Me: No not that roseeeeeee!!!
And his tag! Gorgeous! 

I don't usually do this but I'm sooo happy that Grailquaza arrived!! And he looks way better than I expected!!!
omg I just love him soo much!
I just love him^^ He is soooo adorable :)))))))))))))))))))) 
btw i was after him for like 7 months and finally i got him :)))))) Thank you kylie_fanatic!!!!!
Any ideas for a name for him are welcome :)))))))
Oh yes I updates my sales aswell so yay for shameless sales plug XD 
Just click on the banner and you'll be transported ^^ 
Thanks for reading ^^ 
Bye for now :))))))))
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