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saying hello for the first time!

Hi everyone! I've been looking around for a couple of days now.. and I thought I would finally say hello! The community has inspired me so much, I was browsing through a lot of photos and I can't believe how many things there are that I never knew existed before.. and the collections are all so great! I wish my little collection will grow to be as impressive one day ^ _ ^;
I've loved Pokemon since I first played Yellow, and I have continued to grow up with every generation since. My collection is very very small.. however I began to save a lot of money and with extra work hours over summer, I could finally buy my first new plushies yesterday... I hope they arrive soon! I can't wait to see them!! I'm also learning so much about the different series of plushies and figurines here, the information is really helpful and interesting ^ _ ^

Here is a photo of my Lugia, I love her very much! and four Tiger bouncy balls, they're so cute! the little figures below have little wheels underneath them to run along

I have eevee, pikachu and meowth soft toys from the 90's, but they are somewhere in the loft... I know I do not have much at all, but I hope it will grow soon! I hope to meet lots of new poke-friends and have lots of fun being a part of the community, and seeing all the wonderful things you have collected ^ _ ^~ 
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