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Reintroduction, collection post, and a question!

The beginning of a collection! Can you see it? :D

Hi! I'm 21, my name is Lindsey (but I prefer to go by Shay), and I work as a projectionist in an old movie theater that still uses 35mm prints! (Most theaters these days use strictly digital, or at least have one digital projector. We have zero. XP)

My favorite Pokemon is Typhlosion, but I'll never be a completeness collector. My big thing is display.:D Due to the fact that I love Typhlosion to pieces though, my grail would have to be a Typhlosion cel, but since his anime appearances were limited to Raikou and the Legend of Thunder, I doubt I'll ever find one.

I'm undecided, but I really like pokedolls, and might take up collecting them. :) I have Latios (minky), and Cyndaquil (velboa) so far.

Now onto the pictures! 8D

It's the Legends set and my Typhlosion settei!

With 18 shifting pieces, this was really hard to frame. They're still not perfectly straight. I really hope Reshiram and Zekrom get a Legends card! It would be nice to fill in that gap, and I bet they would look amazing.

My Typhlosion settei. These were purchased from a member on this community, actually. I forgot who though. :/

Bowl of Jakks plush with a random Snivy Pokemon Center plush mixed in.

Into the hall! Can you see them? No? Don't worry I took a closer picture too. XP

My only two pokedolls! But they're my favorites, so it's OK. xD I'd really like to get a hold of the minky anniversary Cyndaquil one day.

I've been meaning to do something with the chess pieces in relation to Black/White for awhile now, but the closes I've come to it is sticking those game cases and guide books in the corner. :/

I bought the whole set just for these two. XP I'm a sucker for pretty art, and the art on the meiji VS. cards is really nice!

Oh, almost forgot about the question! Tomy or Kids figures? Which do you prefer?
I want to get a set of six once I decide on my final team for the next wii game release. But for the life of me, I can't decide which style I prefer.

Hope this wasn't too boring! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! Oh, and if I happen to screw up the LJ cut just give me a sec and I promise I'll fix it. xP

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