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Small Update, Image Medium Weight :D

     So, after my birthday being two days ago, I figured I'd do an update with my newest plush, and some I didn't show before that, and  then all of mine.  Keep in mind, My Finneon throw plush is missing :(
Click the cut! Tell me if it doesn't work :D

Lets get right to it!
Here are all my pokemon plushes in one-by-one pictures :D

My biggest pokemon plush, my PC Santa Pika~

My first Pokedoll!  Little Pikadoll.

Scary mister Pika with skarf+Snowchu.  I Wonder how it doesn't melt? Lol.

My first Pokemon plush.  Jakks Pikachu.

Second Smallest plush.  Christmas Pika :d

My tiniest Plush.  Keychain Pika, very squishy :D

Sorry for the big sizes from now on.  Halloween Espeon, 18 bucks :D

My beloved Mr. Suicune.  Lov 'em to pieces!

Togekiss Jakks plush :D

Buneary Jakks Plush

Pachirisu Jakks Plush

Teddiursa Jakks Plush

Chatot jakks

Shinx Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the sky Jakks Again :D

Wingull Throw Plush...Jakks...

Glaceon Jakks

Wobbuffet...You guessed it!  Jakks.

Celebi Jakks

Phione Jakks

Meowth Jakks Throw Plush

Lickilicky Jakks

Jirachi Jakks

Cherubi Jakks

And now for my newest and first fifh gen plush....


Pokeball form:

And all of 'em together....


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