Omi Panda (pretty_omi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Omi Panda

Looking for Region 1 movie 13 dvd and Zorua items

Hey! I'm not sure if this is allowed, since I'm basically I think looking for a bootleg item, but let me know and I'll edit it! I just LOVE movie 13, as it made me fall in love with Zorua. I have a copy on my computer, but I'm a big person for liking a disk copy, with a case and all that jazz. I was hoping I'd be satisfied once the dub version came out on dvd... but I found it online and the voices are AWFUL (And my rage when I heard CN cut the first like 15 mins out, what the heck?!). So back in the day (ie: 2001...) I used to remember you could get copies of sub only anime fairly cheap, usually before it had been dubbed over here, and they were usually marketed as Hong Kong bootlegs. Almost all my local anime shops have either closed, or don't carry the HK boots anymore. I checked ebay with no luck, anyone got an anime shop that has a Region 1 copy of the movie on dvd? Let me know!
tl;dr Looking for a Japanese language with english subtitles copy of Zoroark Master of Illusion that will play on an American dvd player X3

Also, I have two small Zorua wants!
I'm looking for the jumbo promo card of Zoura with Celebi (English or Japanese)
And is there a Zorua kid? How many?

Thanks for any help!
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