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Collection Update, Question, and Friendship! :D

I've got some fun new stuff!  Including plush and stickers! <3

Rayquaza:  Hrrrrrrrrrr hi Reshiram~
Reshiram:  Oh Arceus help me ;n;

Musharna, Poliwhirl, Suicune and Totodile like to talk about existentialism together. <3

Stickersss <3 And look, it's N! :D Hopefully I'll be getting another sheet soon so I can use the other stickers without feeling too bad.

The N shelf as of now <3

Which leads to my question...

I've seen another sheet of stickers with the same N sticker but different Gym Leaders and Pokemon.  Since I want to collect N, should I try to get the other sheets?  On the one hand, N is involved in the product in some way, but then that would mean that I would have to display other items such as my video game guides, which include N, although he is only a small part of it.  On the other hand, the N sticker is what matters to my collection and not the other stickers, and since the sticker is the same, there's no use getting a different sheet for the sake of my collection.  I'd like to know what you all think! :D

And finally, a shameless sales plug!  I've lowered the prices on almost all of the items, and I'd really like for them to all go to nice homes! (I could really use the money right now ;n; )

Tags: musharna, poliwhirl, rayquaza, suicune, totodile
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