Tuesday (glacidea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More fuzz than bug <3

Hello, I'm an old member of comm, but with a sparkly new username. Who was I? It's not super important, but I collect Togekiss, Larvesta, Volcarona, and Nincada. I also love to sew Pokemon plushies and Silent Hill. And I love bug type Pokemons SO MUCH!

And with this, I have the first official Larvesta and Volcarona merch! Sticker sheet FTW! Here's my fuzzy buggies as of right now. Yep, I'm one of those with like a customs filled collection. They chill on my board for now.

You have to scratch off this silver lottery ticket stuff from the fully evolved mon. That was nerve-racking x.x I kept worrying I was gonna ruin the sticker.

Let me know of any Larvesta merch! I'm in the market! Also, my other Togekiss battrio arrived! I once again only need Retsuden Stamp DPPt3 <3 Which I'm in no hurry to get since it's the most boring of Togekiss' three standard poses. I'd show off my flats, but LJ can't take all the images, so I have to sort them.
Tags: custom, larvesta, volcarona
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