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Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Sleeves + Question + Nintendo World + Sales

These are the Mystery Egg TCG Promos. Is anyone interested in them? I have a Pansage for sale for $5 if anyone is interested in him, but I can keep buying these packs until they're gone if there are people interested in them. Please let me know.

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo 

Is anyone interested in these sleeves? One pack would be $10 + shipping. I will go to pick them up tomorrow. They had 8 of them after I got mine. Each pack has 65 sleeves. If for some reason they're all gone when I get there, I will send refunds when I get home. I can also pick up Jakks figures or Jakks plush. Or TCG/TCG Binders/Poke Balls/Styluses.

I'm arranging a trip to NYC at some point within the next few months. Would anyone be interested in me doing a pick-up at Nintendo World? Pokedolls/Pokecen plush would cost between $14 and $20. How this will work is, if I get a certain number of Pokedolls requested, the price will drop, $14 each being the lowest. There will be no limit on how many you can order, as long as you can pay me. This means, if you want 15, I can get you 15 if you sent me the money for that many. Please let me know if you're interested in this so I know if it's even worth doing a run or not. Of course, I'd go just for myself, but I'm curious if there's enough interest in me picking up.

As for sales, I'm updating my TCG sales, but right now I have:

$15. It's been rolled, but not creased.

Flareon with old tag. $25

Jakks Leafeon $25. Has both tags. I don't know if I want to get rid of him, but I will for $25.

$5 for Pansage, $2 for the black and white card thing. I have two of those.


And upcoming sales:

If you have any TCG you're looking for, I can look through them for you. Eventually, they will be part of my sales. I know there is a holo Espeon in there. I can tell you that much. ^_^
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