Jessica (tissuepaperpet) wrote in pkmncollectors,

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Heya, folks!
For personal reasons, it's been a rough couple of days.. The kind that require hugs. :/ And pokemon cuddlin's.. So I am in search of a Glaceon pokedoll. Try as I might the past couple of times, she just hasn't come to pass, so I am continuing my hunt. Hang tag is not required so long as she has a tush tag. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for her. Found her! Yehaw!
Also, please, show me what other Glaceon items you have available - I might be interested.

A little off topic and weird, now, but how many of you dress up your plush? I was thinking of trying some Build a Bear clothes or other small scaled things.. Anybody use these things before and on what plush did it work?
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