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Auction and Commission!

*granted sales permission on 02/03/11 by denkimouse*
RULES: ~Paypal only
~All pkmncollectors rules apply
~Bid in $1 increments
~Payments due w/in 48hrs of my confirmation of your purchase.
~Payments to AkeymaLJ(at)gmail(dot)com
~All items are shipped from 92677 (California)
~All pictures are taken by me, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!
~Backing out of a purchase or bid WILL result in negative feedback.
~My feedback thread is in my journal, if you would like me to leave you feedback, PM me w/the URL.


So after many many requests for commissions I am opening ONE slot for a bean filled laying style plush
((When I say bean i mean plastic pellets like in beanie babies))

These are 2 that I have completed so far: 

There are more views of these plush in my Gallery

These plush are made of fleece and 12-15 inches long.

I really love this pattern and I am eager to make more of them but this auction will help me gauge peoples interest in plush this style.

Commission Conditions:
★I will do 1 Pokemon of your choosing that is a QUADRUPED (e.g. has 4 legs).
★The plush will be in the style above.
★You may choose embroidered or doll eyes.
★The head shape and detailing are the only things that will really be changed at all, so keep that in mind.
★I will NOT at this time remake either of the 2 I have already made.

If you are unsure if the Pokemon you want will look good, you may ask and I will give you my assessment or sketch. Dog, cat or fox pokes are ideal.
But PLEASE don't spam we with sketch requests if you are not serious about bidding.

I may or may not open up any further actual commission slots.
I figured I'd see how this would go first.
I normally take about 1-2 weeks to complete a plush.


I'm starting them at $10
and it will be your choice if you want both or just one.
Shipping for just Pink Ditto will be $3  and shipping for both will be $6 (inside the US).

Derps need love too you know.

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