Julie. (li_kichi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

multipurpose post~ ( + fanime?)

- shipping update:
first of all i would like to inform anyone who purchased anything from that everything is packaged and ready to go.
but i will be very busy this weekend because of a convention so things will be shipped most likely next week.

- commission update:
i would like to inform anyone who commissioned me that everything has been finished and ready to ship as well
but i wont ship yet for the same reason above
( look under the cut for photos of the finished watercolors :> )

and is anyone going to Fanime this weekend? i will be selling my pokemon wares and commissions in the artist alley :>
please come by for a visit~

i will also be going to the pokemon cosplay meet. is there a pkmncollectors meet?

you can see a map to where i am located and more information here http://itachoko.deviantart.com/journal/

i also have a mini oshawott collection update under the cut

i hope you guys like your watercolors

so this is an oshawott costume i had commissioned for the convention :> its a kigurumi
i will be wearing this to fanime on saturday for the pokemon cosplay meet and at my table in the artist alley. come say hi~

Tags: collection, custom
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