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Pokedoll Tag Charms From The Wonder Twins~!

nightmare_chan2 and I are opening up are Pokedoll Tag Charms again. We are all done with the last batch and they will be shipped out Saturday or Tuesday, depending on the holiday. So we're open for making reprints and custom charms. C:


~ * ~ * ~ RULES: ~ * ~ * ~
I got sales permission July 2010, Nightmare got permission March 2010.
The Pokedoll art is drawn by me, then linearted/colored/set up by Nightmare, I make the straps, she cuts and laminates, and we assemble together. They are a little over an 1" and perfect for cell phones and collections. C:
All community rules apply - backing out of an order WILL get you negative feedback.
We will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after we give you your final total.
Shipping is $1 if in the US, $3 if outside of the US.
Once a package is mailed we can not be held responsible.
We have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or I have had trouble with you in the past.
Yes, fakemon and people/trainers/gym leaders etc. are alright to ask for. :)
We are not open for trades at this time.
If you enjoyed getting our customs we would love some feedback. You can find nightmare_chan2 's feedback here: And you can find my feedback here:

~ * ~ * ~ ORDER INFORMATION: ~ * ~ * ~

$5 if you want  reprint of a tag. <3
$8-$10 depending on the detail if you want a Pokemon that is not in the pictures/available for reprint. Most Pokemon are $8, but Trainers/Pokemon like Dialga and Zekrom would be $10.
$4 if you want the shiny of the Pokemon not available for reprint - so if you order a Charmander and want a shiny Charmander in the same order then it is only $12 instead of $16.
You can find all the Pokedoll tag charms that we can reprint here:

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