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New additions <3

Yayyy! :D Better pictures/Stories/Squeeing under the cut. :3

Also, I have an updated wish list, but I want to make sure I have enough money for the new Darkrai zukan that comes out... soon. ._.

Basically, I really want to pimp my DS, so I am looking for Dratini/Munchlax pan stickers and a cool cellphone strap/charm preferably Munchlax (or Darkrai if it's not too delicate...).

At the start of Spring Break, I treated myself to one of those 3 booster pack things. This one had two Great Encounters packs and an EX Crystal Guardians pack, along with the snazzy Raichu promo and Dialga coin. Nothing much in the GE packs but the Crystal Guardians pack was neat, Holo Skitty, Holo Tauros, ADORABLE CHARMANDER OMG. X_X

Jakks Manaphy was in my Easter Basket yesterday. My mom is so awesome. <3

These cards from 216handsbound arrived today. :D :D :D Flying Pika is an awesome freebie thank you soooo much. <3 And Darkrai is bad-ass. This is my favorite card-art for Darkrai. :D :D :D

Do you have a feedback post? Also please give your puppy or kitty a treat from me. :3 One of their furs was in my cards and it just made me smile because my puppy is the same way, his fur gets everywhere! xD

These cards arrived today from keisuro. They make me so happy. <3 Thank you for the extras too! :D And now because I am a nerd for card art I will share my observations. :P

Oh yeah do you have a feedback post? :D

Cubone is by one of my favorite artists, Kagemaru Himeno. It is simply love. <3 Dratini, however, I find very interesting. I absolutely LOVE this card but I didn't realize until I opened it today that it is a Ken Sugimori. :O His cards are not usually favorites of mine, since they look kinda cut and pasted. But this one is just beautiful. :D

My Darkrai Tin arrived here today too. We had to mail-order it since none of the stores around had it in stock. :( But we got a good price on it. If anyone else wants the link, shoot me a message. :3

Darkrai Lvl X is my first Lvl X card. AND IT IS SO AWESOME! :D The four other packs were pretty good, only three dupes total. I got Electrivire and Wigglytuff for rares that I liked.... but the best one is HOLO MEW! :D :D :D Holo Mew is my best pull since last summer when I got reverse-holo Munchlax. :D :D (this is taking into account how much I like the Pokemon :P). And I think Holo Munchlax was my best pull since like, Holo Charizard back in the day. xD Anyways I was really happy. :D :D :D

 Better pictures of them. :3 Mew is ALSO by Kagemaru Himeno, so its just doubly awesome. :D

Snorlax arrived from warandromance while I was away. :3 He is just awesome, I really like the pose. It just seems like too often we see Snorlax with just the one arm up in the air like he's going "o hai" or something like that. This pose is just happier. :D

I left you feedback on the Community feedback place, but if you have another place you keep feedback let me know. :)

These came from happyjolteon!

Snorlax and Munchlax Zukan is my first Zukan ever! :D I really like how well-made it is. Also it's adorable. <3 Munchlax is so tiny, I love it! :D

Also Nidoking Kid! He had a bath and is much happier without spooge on his ear (or whatever it was ._. glue I think).

Nidoran Male was one of the first Pokemon I caught in Pokemon Yellow. By the time I had gotten through Mt. Moon, he was a Nidorino. Of course, I had a Moon Stone so I was just wondering what it did. I was able to use it on Nidorino, and BAM! He became a killer. <3 After I beat Misty, I taught him Bubblebeam! Weird, I know. ._. Once I got Surf, Nidoking learned that also. The only other move he had I remember is Horn Drill. But I loved my water Nidoking and he helped me beat the Elite 4. So here's a Pokekid to remind me. :3

These three lovely Kids came from taycs, and really quickly too! :O Darkrai and Munchlax are my favorite poses. <3 Dratini needed a bath, but he brightened up considerably with a little soap and warm water. <3 He still needs a little TLC but he's old so he's allowed. <3

Do you have a feedback post? :D

This Munchlax Pencil topper came from lightofapollo. You are right, he is very cute! :D It certainly brightened up my day. <3 And I love the way the capsule looks like a Pokeball. :D I'm not sure if the sticker was meant to come with it or if it was a freebie thrown in but either way it's adorable. :D :D Thank you!

Do you have a feedback post?

I am still waiting on another Munchlax Kid, a Poliwag kid (coming from UK, so I expect it will take a bit) and a Munchlax TCG coin which I am pretty sure was only mailed today (makes sense since I bought it yesterday). :P

Oh yeah, popsixx, I have not forgotten about you! The check hasn't cleared yet, but I think I'm gonna mail your package tomorrow anyways. Stupid paypal. >:[

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