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TCG Cards: Taking Offers

Hi PKMNCollectors! ^^

Today, I'm posting some cards (mostly primes but there is also one shiny Pokemon and a holo Jumbo card as well) to see if anyone is interested in them. ^^ Feel free to make offers on them.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=253304393#t253304393

Offers can be:
- other TCG cards from my wants list - http://www.hemplan.org/users/Risha/ftp/Card%20Wishlist%20Images/ All those images were saved from Bulbapedia. If the image is 1st edition/Japanese/holo, it is only because the image on Bulbapedia was. There are only a few cards I am only looking for in holographic version (most of them are title HOLO ONLY (or something to that affect). Right now, I really should not trade for common/uncommon cards (even if they're in that folder). I am STILL waiting on a package from Germany that contains around 100 mystery uncommon/common cards. I have been waiting about a month and a half...and I have been told it can take up to 3 months for packages from Germany to make it to the U.S.
- Although I am interested in all cards in that folder, I am ESPECIALLY interested in Mew, Houndoom/Houndour, and any of the Eevee-lutions (especially Glaceon because I have NO Glaceon cards ;_;)
- items from my wish list - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/36144.html (I REALLY want a Mew TCG Coin and a Mew cell phone charm)
- or money offers (lol)

All the following cards are in mint condition unless otherwise stated.

Sorta attached to this one now, but may be willing to part with it.

Someone voiced an interested in this card awhile ago, but I haven't heard from them recently.

Not sure if I want to part with this one or not. If I do trade it, it would probably be in exchange for this Mew card - http://www.hemplan.org/users/Risha/ftp/Card%20Wishlist%20Images/Mew/418px-MewTriumphant97.jpg (though Mesprit seems to be worth a little more than Mew so maybe a card or two with Mew...but that's negotiable).

This card has tiny "dents" in it on the top and bottom. They're not too bad. I think they were caused from the plastic holder used in Pokemon TCG tins.

Holo Jumbo card! ^^ Zoroark TCG card there just for a size reference. I kinda like this one, but I don't really need it. lol.

The three following cards are currently not in my possession, but are being mailed to me in the near future: (They actually belong to a friend but I will be acting as the negotiator and the person mailing the cards).

The card that will be traded is ENGLISH. I used a stock photo from Bulbapedia.

The card that will be traded is ENGLISH. I used a stock photo from Bulbapedia. "looking for certain shining pokemon in exchange for kyogre (if not same value can trade other cards as well) Most wanted: http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/7/7a/TorchicStar.jpg and http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Duskull_%28Stormfront_SH2%29

Btw, if you are currently waiting on seeing the rest of my cards that are available for sale/trade, I am still working on that. I am ALMOST ready. I have all my "older" duplicates listed and in a binder, but, in the mean time, I have bought more booster packs, so I would like to add those in before I photograph and make a journal post. Maybe I will finally get that up this weekend. ^^;

Thanks for looking,

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