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My very first collection postie

Hiya everyone, while I'm not completely new to this community (I've posted a wants list which is a bit outdated before), I thought it was about time I showed you my collection^^ But before I'm doing a little introduction stuff: I'm Robin from germany, 20 years old, like to collect pokemon merch(duh), taking really field trips, playing video games, shopping, meeting my friends, and loooove cooking/baking :D If anyone wants to know something else, feel free to ask. But now let's get to the real point of this post, my humble collection.^^  While it may be nothing compared to what other users on here already collected, I hope you will still enjoy it :3

 My generation 1+3+5 shelf left
My gen 1+3+5 shelf on the left side

The same shelf on th right side :3

Big plushie shelf on the left side

Same shelf right side :P

Gen 2+4 shelf

Gen 2 half of the shelf^^

My easter present x3

Snivy Dream Campaign Plushie and game pre-order figurines.^^

I've got almost all my stuff from hardrock-pokemon.com, only a few things from ebay, the skitty pokedoll is from eagle anime, and the jigglypuff was sold to me by allinia (thanks so much for it ;D). Most of them are also regular japanese Pokedolls, besides Treecko and Torchick which are anniversary Pokedolls, and Manaphy might be a bootleg, but I'm not sure. With the big plushies, I dunno... At first I really loved them because they look so much like the real thing, but then they take so much space I could use for more Pokedolls... Well with my overall confusion at the moment this might just be a phase, I sure hope so. 

Oh and while I'm at it I might as well give you my new wanties list:

regular wanties:
-Chikorita 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Cyndaquil 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Totodile 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Mudkip 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Wooper Pokedoll
-Marill Pokedoll (preferably the japanese release from 2009 or 2010 , not sure when it was released)
-Minun Pokedoll
-Plusle Pokedoll
-Phanpy Pokedoll
-Lapras Pokedoll
-Smoochum Pokedoll
-Porygon2 Pokedoll
-Natu Pokedoll

All preferably with hang-tags :O

Uber mega super duper grail birthday wanties:
Well, since my mum told me I'm allowed to get a DX Pokedoll for my birthday(is it weird for a 20 year old guy to like giant stuffed animals?o.o) I thought I'd try my luck on here.^^

-Buneary DX Pokedoll(preferably with hangtag)
-Pachirisu DX Pokedoll(same as above)

If anyone could help me out in finding one of those you'd have my everlasting gratitude!:D
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