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My Re-intoduction Post!~ (and Pokedoll Figure GA Update!)

Hey everyone!~ I've been noticing a lot of new faces around in the last couple of months, so thought I should re-introuduce myself to the community ^_^

My name is miss-fuu-chan (or Fuu, or Kate) - and I'm a Pokedoll Collector! I have been collecting for around 3 years now, and I think I might have one of the biggest collections of dolls here on the community! I'm addicted to how cute they are! At the moment, apart from a couple of variations, I have every 6" regular size doll, some mini dolls, DX dolls and some merch -I'm always on the lookout for new things to add to my collection though ^_^ Take a look under the cut to see a mini tour of my collection! <3

I'll start with plush!  Plush form the main part of my collection, and take up the most room! The spare room in our flat is now the Pokedoll room!~ Most of them sit on the bed... Pokedolls at this side: 

More dolls in the middle! (including my favourite, Tufty!)  - You can also see my husbands DItto collection creeping into the photo too!

... and Plushplush at this end! You can also see some of my Pikachu collecton here someone of which I will be parting with soon) - DX Bonsly is huge! :D

Next to the bed is a shelf unit where I keep my teaching resources (as I'm a school teacher) - but on top of the unit live more dolls!~ These ones need a bit of a rearrange!

I also have this hammock tower which is starting to be full of dolls!~ I put orange/red coloured dolls in to match the colour of the tower <3

Most of my DX dolls (apart from Wailord, who lives in the sitting room) live in this hammock above the bed!~ Treecko and Gengar have snuck in too!

Aside from the plush, I also collect Pokedoll merch! These are my little collection of figures (I'm just missing Torchic, Registeel and Regice now) - they're about Pokemon Kid-sized, but solid!

Here are some of my Pokedoll tins/boxes and a few flats too ^_^

Some more merch! I love the little stampers and stickers <3

-and lastly Badges and Charms!~ The metal charms are my favourite ^_^

There are invidual pictures of items over at my collection site, amitysquare.co.uk


I love making new friends, so feel free to friend me on LJ!~ (just comment to let me know if you have <3)  - I can also try to answer and Pokedoll questions you may have - Im currently making a Pokedoll Wiki so I've been collecting information ^_^ 

It's nice to meet you!~ <3

Oh! another quick thing before I finish my post! The Pokedoll figure GA I was running arrived the other day, so final payment totals can be calucated - See under the cut if you took part! 
The figures arrived and are in excellent condition! They are all boxed too - a couple have dent to boxes, but teh figures are perfect! Final totals are as follows - please let me know how you would like your figure to be shipped and where you live so I can calucate shipping for you ^_^ I can ship in a bubble envelope of small box (there may be a small delay if you choose box as I will need to find one <3)

darkangellilith  (Plusle and Minun) - $2.47 (shipping from Japan to me) + shipping from me to you - please leave a comment below!
nagaineko  (Torchic) - $2.47 (shipping from Japan to me) + shipping from me to you - please leave a comment below!
omgitslph  (Regice) - $7.16 (Item payment) + $2.47 (shipping from Japan to me) + shipping from me to you - please leave a comment below!
mizuhokusanagi  (Regirock) - $2.47 (shipping from Japan to me) + shipping from me to you - please leave a comment below!
forest_snivy  (Registeel) - $2.47 (shipping from Japan to me) + shipping from me to you - please leave a comment below!

Thank you guys! ^_^

Happy Collecting everyone!~ <3
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