Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Magnets are here! + Sales Post

EDIT: I'm just going to ship everything on Friday... easier than way since half of ya want me to hang on to your items to see if I'm selling anything else you like in my last sales post.

WAHOO! I just came back from Spring Break to a whole slew of packages. A SLEW, I tell you!

And in those were the magnets we all pitched in to buy. :D The ones you guys claimed are separated out and in piles ready to ship! If you bought 4 magnets or less, I'll be shipping these in a normal envelope because they are thin and small. For more than that, I'm using a padded envelope.

Anyways, the unsold ones are now up for grabs! :D This will be sales post 2 of 3 for me this week. I can hold off on calculating shipping for you till after the sales are over in case you buy more, just tell me so! I'm also selling some stickers and other flat objects here under the magnets.

Please read the following BEFORE you place an order. :)
I accept Paypal only, as I've had very bad experiences with mailed payments. I will ship worldwide, and insurance is available for an additional fee. E-checks are fine, but I will wait for it to clear before I mail it, which can take up to a week.
No reserving of items... these are all first come, first serve.
I mail things on Mondays and Wednesdays.
No returns.
If you're interested in an item, comment with the items you want and your country (shipping is approximate rather than exact).
Oh, and I am willing to trade for Growlithe/Stunky evolution line items I don't have, and fire-type zukans! :) And a Mudkip plushie!

MAGNETS: $1.50 each, bulk discounts.

OTHER STUFF: Price as marked

This fold-out game board came with the magnets! It's made out of a very solid cardboard material... think children's book cover material. The views are front, inside, and back, respectively. $6

Pokémon PC Master sealed CD. What is it? I dunno! But it sure looks nifty! $5

Stik Around! Basically they're reusable vinyl walls stickers. :) $2 each.

7 Sealed packs of stickers... $2 each or the whole lot for $10.

Small sticker sheets... I'm selling them as a whole sheet. $1 per, $5 for the lot.

Burger King promotional cards for the First Movie, $1 each, or all for $4.

More stickers! The ones standing up are $2, and all the rest are $1.

Misc cards... a couple of these look really rare! $4 for the big holofoil D/P starters card, and $2 for each of the little ones.

Stickers grab bag- you can pick one sheet free with your order, or take all of them for $3.
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