Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MPC news, movie goods news, holiday plush news??? NEWS!

at a toy fair a few months back, 15 new MPC plush were shown in the display case with no accompanying information. we all assumed it was a little peek at 2012's first MPC plush.



meet "MPC Movie Version Part A", coming out in the last week of June.

yeah, they totally got us with that one. this was completely unannounced before now!

so who else? with 15 plush and 5 in the first set, we can assume the rest of these guys -- all of them in the movie (why didn't we notice?) will be sets B and C.

happy zebra is happy. a pic i've had a while, but just to show off shimama's SECOND MPC :D

be excited!

more movie stuff news...

soap figures, pose figures, chupa surprise, ahoy!

we've got here july chupa figures. zebra's first figure, aww!

pose figures -- these are those super heavy solid rubbery plastic figures. so cool.

soap figures. good job at only two of these pokemon being new in this line? haha. cool anyway??

hey what! already HOLIDAY UFO catchers are being revealed by banpresto. sneak peek:

See bigger versions of the images at Dengeki's site!
Tags: banpresto, cubchoo, golurk, hydreigon, info, klang, klinklang, litwick, mpc, reshiram, sigilyph, zekrom
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